Great News for International Students studying in Auckland

You can now apply for a full fee Scholarship (worth $13,000) when enrolling in our Software Job Ready Bootcamp supported by Education NZ, Immigration NZ and ATEED for intake starting on 29th March 2017.

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Discover the ABC’s of Software Development in the Real World

Founded in 2013 by Software Companies in New Zealand and Helped Over 400 Participants Step into IT Sector.

Industry Connect runs the #1 and largest Software Job-Ready Training Bootcamp in New Zealand. We’ll make you job ready in 12 weeks, and you can stay with us until you land a job.


Full Exposure To Commercial World

Gain Local NZ Experience On Large Projects

Learn Latest, Well Paid Technical Skills

Build Connections With Employers


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About Industry Connect and PROJECT SKILLS

Top 3 Things We Offer For Landing Your First Software Job

Our Job Ready programme will provide the opportunity to gain hands on work experience on large local commercial projects that you simply won’t get in a classroom setting nor normal internship. You’ll be very lucky to find a company that will hire someone straight out of university or new immigrants without any local experience. Industry Connect’s specially designed programme will give you the experience you need to at least be noticed by any potential employer.
So you will learn the programming or testing skills we used everyday at software companies. They are quite different than what you learnt at school. Our programme contents are summarised by senior software developers, senior test analysts, software architects and our partner software companies.
Knowing someone is half the battle when it comes to landing a job. Working with us here at Industry Connect is the perfect way to get to meet people in the industry, and more importantly let them get to know you. It never hurts knowing someone who’s in a position to employ, recommend or even just put down as a reference.


We’ve helped over 400 participants to step into the IT sector & the number is growing.

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